Boxes and Packing Material

There’s nothing worse than packing up and realising you’re a few boxes short, or you’ve bought too many and now they’ll just go to waste!

GC Removals will help you calculate the number of boxes, covers and packing materials you’ll need before you start packing, removing the guess work and saving you money. Give us a call, and we’ll work out exactly what you need, as well as which storage and moving equipment would be best.

Just give us a call!


It’s better safe than sorry! We’re experts when it comes to moving, still, it’s good to know you’re covered in the event something goes wrong.

All of our work comes with standard transit insurance for things like fire or flood damage, rollover and theft. If you’d like more comprehensive insurance during your move checkout

How Many Boxes Do I Need?

This is a simple guide to let you know the average number of boxes that might be required for specific size properties.

Property TypeNumber of Boxes
1 Bedroom Unit10 – 20
2 Bedroom Unit20 – 25
3 Bedroom Unit25 – 40
2 Bedroom House20 – 30
3 Bedroom House30 – 40
4 Bedroom House50 – 60
5 Bedroom House60 – 70
6 Bedroom House70 – 80


Standard Carton 460mm x 460mm x 640mm
Buy – $6.60 each

Book & Wine Carton 415mm x 320mm x 360mm
Buy – $5.50 each

Port-a-robe 110cm x 60cm x 50cm
Buy – $30.00 each
Buy Back* – $15.00 each
Hire – $15.00 each

Plastic Covers

Dining Chair Cover 1200mm x 1000mm x 250mm
Buy – $4.50 each

3 Seater Lounge / Sofa Cover 2450mm x 1500mm x 300mm
Buy – $6.00 each

Lounge Chair Cover 1950cm x 1500cm x 300mm
Buy – $5.50 each

Single Mattress Cover 2250mm x 1200mm x 250mm
Buy – $5.00 each

Double / Queen Mattress Cover 2500mm x 1600mm x 300mm
Buy – $7.00 each

King Mattress Cover 2550mm x 1850mm x 350m
Buy – $8.50 each

Packing Material

Premium Packing Tape 48mm x 75m
Buy – $5.50 each

Clear Packing Tape 48mm x 75m
Buy – $5.50 each

White Packing Paper (5kgs) 51cm x 76cm
Buy – $25.00

White Packing Paper (15kgs) 58cm x 81cm
Buy – $60.00

Bubble Wrap 50cm x 5m
Buy – $5.00

Fragile Labels (20 labels) 75 x 130mm
Buy – $1.00